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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

PhD Thesis Award 2018

The IEEE Photonics Italy Chapter recognizes distinguished work by young Ph.D. doctors in the field of Applied Photonics (lasers, optical-physics, photonics technologies and devices)  through presentation of an Award for the “Best Doctoral Thesis” discussed in an Italian University.

To be eligible for the award:

  • to be a Member of IEEE Photonics Society;
  • to have completed the Doctoral Course in an Italian University in year 2017 or 2018


Deadline 31 December 2018

For further details, please refer to

"Manufacturing of Integrated Photonic Devices”

"Fabrication of advanced 2D and 3D nano-devices using NanoFrazor lithography"

"Nanoplasmonics: Reaching Out to the Single Molecule"

Bando per attività di supporto alla ricerca


Bando didattica integrativa di tutorato


Bando didattica integrativa sperimentale


Degradation of Cadmium Yellow Paint: New Evidence from Photoluminescence Studies of Trap States in Picasso’s paint

PhD in Physics / Optics / Photonics / Spectroscopy

Celebration of the 80th birthday of Prof. Lucio Braicovich


Nuovo articolo su Nature Photonics del dott. Roberto Osellame ed il suo gruppo di ricerca.


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