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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

First demonstration of antimatter wave interferometry

It is the first version made with antimatter of the single particle interference experiment proposed by A. Einstein in 1927 and R. Feynman, for one of his famous lectures, and realized in 1976 by Merli, Missiroli and Pozzi, and in 1989 by A. Tonomura et al. This work has appeared on Science Advances and was realized by a collaboration that includes the Positron Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano L-NESS in Como, where the experiment was performed. The others participating institutions are INFN (Milan unit), Università degli Studi di Milano, Università di Napoli Federico II and AEC & LHEP of the University of Bern. This is the first step of the QUPLAS (QUantum interferometry and gravity with Positrons and LASers) program.

doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aav7610


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Doctoral School on “Advanced Atomic Scale Characterisation” from 21th to 25th October 2019, Department of Physics, Politecnico di Milano



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