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Rebecca Re

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Associate Professor
Campus Milano Leonardo

Rebecca Re is a Physical Engineering and obtained her PhD in Physics from the Department of Physics,

Politecnico di Milano in 2012.

After several years of post-doctoral research grants and some experiences abroad, she became a

Junior researcher (2017) and then Senior Researcher (2019) at the same University.

Her research activity is centered in the field of light propagation in turbid media with particular interest in biological tissues. In this sector she mainly deals with:


  • Design, development and characterization of time-resolved laser systems for measuring optical properties in highly scattering media. Laboratory instrumentation and translation of prototypes towards clinical settings. The instrumentation is mainly based on functional Time Domain Near Infrared Spectroscopy technique (TD-fNIRS), on Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy (DCS) and on the integration of these optical techniques with the more traditional ones for imaging and the detection of physiological parameters (fMRI, EEG, EMG, etc.);


  • Development and validation of theoretical models for light propagation in highly scattering media. Study of new methods for modeling the head or muscle, new methods of analyzing the raw data and new techniques for interpreting the physiological data obtained;


  • Application in the health sector of advanced optical techniques for the non-invasive measurement of hemodynamics parameters in muscle and brain. The clinical applications range from the motor rehabilitation of the elderly, to the training of athletes, to the study of the neurological aspects of glaucoma to the eye, to the study of strokes, etc.;


  • Study of new materials for applications in diffusive optics.

    Dr. Re also is or has been:


  • Reviewer for more than 20 international journals (Biomedical Optics Express, Review of Scientific Instruments, Scientific Reports,…) and for several international scientific conferences (fNIRS, ECBO, ICBEB);


  • Reviewer of scientific projects (OPUS, JUST, …);


  • Committee member of technical, scientific and organizational groups for scientific meetings (fNIRS2021, ECBO2021, ICBEB from 2017 to 2020, ifNIRS 2018, BIOMED2021);


  • Supervisor and co-supervisor of master thesis students in physical engineering and for PhD thesis in Physics at Politecnico di Milano.

    Dr. Re is or has been also:

    the scientific responsible (local unit coordinator) of two research projects (EMPATIA, PRIN) and has collaborated in more than 15 projects in national and international groups.