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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Research centers

The Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology (IFN) belonging to the National Research Council (CNR) has its head section in Milan and four branch sections respectively at Rome, University of Bari, University of Padoa and Bruno Kessler Foundation at Trento. The research activity includes either basic studies and design, fabrication and characterization of advanced photonic devices.

The Interuniversity Centre LNESS (Laboratory for Epitassial Nanostructures on Silicon and for Spintronics) has been established at Polo di Como in collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca also with contribution coming from Regione Lombardia and Cariplo Foundation. The LNESS activities are related to the grow and characterization of nanostructured materials for devices dedicated to new technologies in microelectronics, photonics and spintronics beside studies of lattice defects in the development of self organized nanostructures.

At Politecnico of Milan, the National Centre of Excellence on Engineering of Materials and Nanostructured Surfaces (NEMAS), has been established through the contribution of researchers belonging to the Department of Chemistry, Electronics, Physics and Nuclear Engineering. The aim of NEMAS is the integration of different expertises in order perform research in the field of nanotechnologies.

The CNISM (National Interuniversity Consortium for Physics of Matter) is a no-profit consortium currently composed of 39 universities to which they are intended, and about 1300 university researchers active in the field of Physics of Matter. The CNISM aims to promote and coordinate research and scientific activities and their applications in the field of Physics of Matter and related technologies among partner universities in order to better develop the assets that each of them supports and houses in the area of Physics of Matter.