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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Department Board

The Department Board, chaired by the Head of Department and consisting of all the teachers who are part of the Department, program and coordinate research and teaching that go the Department, in accordance with the general guidelines expressed by the governing bodies of the University and consistent with resources available.

The restricted Department Board consists of the Head and Deputy Head of the Department, the Coordinator of the Study Programme Board, the Coordinator of the PhD School, the Department Manager and 2 representatives for each role of the teachers belonging to the Department.

The Teaching Committee consists of the Chairperson of the Study Programme Board, the Chairperson of the PhD School, and 7 teachers nominated by the Council of the Department.

The Safety Committee consists of the Department Manager, a local safety officer, and 6 RADRL.



Head of Department: Lamberto Duò

Deputy Head: Paolo Laporta

Department Manager: Luciano Rinaldi




Representative of fellowshipsLuca Moretti

Representative of PhD studentsSimone Piacentini

Representatives of technical-administrative staff: Alessia Cappellini; Daniela Rossi



Organisms and Committees