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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Calibration laboratory


The Low Pressure Sector for calibration of vacuum gauges and barometers has been developed in order to meet the need of the industry world to perform calibrations, made by comparison, of pressure gauges which operate around or below atmospheric pressure.

The laboratory, which originates within a university research context, has been designed and realized thanks to the technical and scientific expertise of the Surface Group at the Department of Physics, with its pioneering experience in the field of electron spectroscopies from solid surfaces.

The Laboratory is operated according to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and UNI CEI ISO 9001 standards. In such a way it can be safely guaranteed that its activities offer, besides the high level of technical skill, transparency of information and an adequate front service towards the industry world.

The reference gauges are constituted by two MKS differential capacity gauges and one Leybold spinning rotor gauge. Possible gauges which can be calibrated by the Laboratory are, for example, piezo-, resistive- and capacitive-gauges, Pirani gauges, Penning gauges, thermocouple gauges, Bayard-Alper gauges, convection gauges, Bourdon gauges, and barometers for the atmospheric pressure measurement.

Vacuum gauges Field of measure Price (ex VAT)

Pirani gauges, Termocouples, Convention gauges, Bourdon, Needle gauges, Membrane

130 kPa ÷ 10 kPa 1300 mbar ÷ 100 mbar € 335,00
10kPa ÷ 1kPa 100 mbar ÷ 10 mbar
1kPa ÷ 10Pa 10 mbar ÷ 10-1 mbar
10Pa ÷ 1Pa 10-1 mbar ÷ 10-2 mbar
1Pa ÷ 0,1Pa 10-2 mbar ÷ 10-3 mbar
Penning, Membrane, Bayard Alpert 0,1Pa ÷ 1mPa 10-3 mbar ÷ 10-5 mbar € 505,00
 1mPa ÷ 0,1mPa 10-5 mbar ÷ 10-6 mbar
High range vacuum gauges  130 kPa ÷ 0,1mPa  1300 mbar ÷ 10-6 mbar  € 565,00
€ 18.00 + VAT will be added to the above amounts for the emission of the Calibration Certificate


The Laboratory, which has been operational since late 1998, has been certified within a SIT scheme in July 1999. The Laboratory is currently accredited by ACCREDIA








Head of the SectorMarco Leone

Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Fisica - Lab. LNESS

via Anzani, 42 - 22100 - Como

phone: +39 031 332 7302

mobile: +39 340 966 3393



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