The MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) are last generations online courses made ​​with a platform that allows the use of multimedia materials.

In collaboration with METID and ASICT of the Politecnico di Milano, we have realized two MOOC (using the "open" platform edX) addressed to all high school students who wish to enroll at the Politecnico (but not only!). Attendance is free.

Each MOOC is divided into macro-topics, and each of these in weeks:

  • Introduction to experimental physics: mechanics, thermodynamics
    • mechanics (3 weeks)
    • thermodynamics (2 weeks)
  • Introduction to experimental physics: electromagnetism, optics, modern physics
    • electromagnetism (2 weeks)
    • optics (1 week)
    • hints of modern physics (1 week)



Responsible: Maurizio Zani