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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Summer School PhD

The SIP - Scuola InterPolitecnica (the common PhD School of the three italian Polytechnic Universities: Torino, Milano and Bari) organizes a Summer School on Nanotechnologies. The School is open to all PhD students of Politecnico with a reasonable background in physics and/or material science and/or chemistry. Participating to the School is completely free (no fee), but due to the limited capacity of the classroom, registration is mandatory. Only the first students registered (up to a maximum number of 60) will be accepted. The PhD students in Physics have a priority. Please consider that, because of this limitation, registration implies a strong commitment to follow all the scheduled lectures.


Here follows the calendar of the school:



ResponsibleFranco Ciccacci

Student Secretary: Stefania Mosca