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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Heterostructures growth, characterization, fabrication and testing of prototypical devices for Spin Electronics

•  Semiconductor spintronics:

- Spin injection and transport in Germanium by optical (spin-photodiodes) and electrical techniques (Hanle effect, non local measurements, spin Hall effect);
- Study of the giant-Rashba splitting in the ferroelectric semiconductor GeTe, displaying intrinsic interplay between spin and dielectric polarization.
Partners: CNR-SPIN (L’Aquila), PSI (Villigen), Elettra (Trieste), PDI (Berlin), Trinity College (Dublin)

•  Magnetoelectric coupling:

- Electric control of the magnetic state in thin CoFeB films and MTJs via the magnetoelectric effect at the CoFeB/BaTiO3 interface;
- Tunneling electro resistance in magnetic tunneling junctions with BaTiO3 barrier;
Partners: ICMAB (Barcelona), CNR-SPIN (L’Aquila), ORNL (Oak Ridge)

•  Antiferromagnet spintronics:

- Development of novel spintronic devices without ferromagnets, exploiting the high stability  of information stored in antiferromagnets and the absence of stray field: IrMn-based memory elements, with room temperature operation and all-electrical reading/writing.
Partners: CNR-SPIN (L’Aquila), CEA (Grenoble), UC (Berkeley)

• Thermally assisted magnetic nano-patterning:

- Patterning of magnetic nanostructures in continuous, exchange biased, magnetic heterostructures for storage applications and reconfigurable magnetic logic devices.
Partners: Georgia Tech (Atlanta), nanoGUNE (Spain)

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