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Davide Sangalli

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Brief CV
Davide Sangalli got his Master degree in Physics, at the university of Milano, in 2007 with the maximum grades. His interests and expertise range from the fundamental aspects of condensed matter physics to the application of first-principles simulations for the description of innovative materials. Since his master thesis he worked on the development of first principles codes,  extending the TDDFT implementation in the Abinit code to the description of spin-polarized systmes [12]. He the started his PhD in Rome, CNISM grant (2007-2010), working on the effects of many body correlation in the absorption spectra (visible/UV range) of correlated materials [14,12,10]. During the PhD he also described, from first-principles, the Aharonov-Bohm effect in carbon nanotubes, having implemented the effect of a magnetic field in the self-consistent module of the yambo code [9] and, finally, he worked, in close collaboration with an experimental group of the Università degli studi di Milano, to the description of linear chains of carbon embedded in a pure-carbon systems [13,11]. After the PhD he worked within the OSEA project carrying on first principles simulations of dilute magnetic semiconductor, iron doped zirconia in particular. He also had an active role in the experimental characterization, with XPS measurements of iron doped films, directly comparing the results with the first principles simulated electronic structures [8,2-5]. In the same time he kept his interest in the description of absorption spectra, studying fundamental aspects of the magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE). The MOKE has been implemented in the yambo code with the possibility to include local fields and excitonic effects, thus extending the BSE implementation to the spinorial formalism [6]. The same implementation has been provided a key tool for the description of the optical properties of the MoS2 system [1]. Presently he is working at the ISM in Montelibretti within the FIRB project flash-it whose aim is the first principles description of out-of-equilibrium dynamics of electrons in the ultra-short (atto/femto-second) time domain. The wok is done in close collaboration with the experimental group of the Politecnico di Milano.

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