Obligation of COVID-19 green certification (green pass) for schools and universities

As of 1 September 2021, to maintain adequate health and safety protection, the university community accessing University premises must have a valid COVID-19 green certification (green pass) (Decree Law 06.08.2021, n. 111)


Welcome to the Physics Deparment at the Politecnico di Milano!


If you wish to work with us:

  1. First, you need to register on our website and request a new login. You can do this by navigating to www.polimi.it/servizionline and in go to ‘online services’ - then request to create an account as a ‘new user’. By doing this you will be assigned you own Personal Login and you will have access to the pages dedicated to users.
  2. Follow all the online courses:
    • "Courses on Safety" ⇒ "Basic Course on Safety"
    • "Courses on Safety" ⇒ "Workers Specific Training - Low Risk"
    • "Online course on Privacy and GDPR" ⇒ "Online course on Privacy and GDPR"

    Log into online services and under Data->Training courses you can find the courses.

    After completing the course send the certificate (PDF format) to Mauro Scarparo, Carlo Brambilla, Antonio Di Natale by mail: access-dfis@polimi.it and they will give you a key badge and a welcome kit when you'll came to the department.

  3. In order to access the Physics Department you have to follow the "Intermediate Course on Safety" related to emergency procedures and risks. The course is available in the intranet section of this site.
    To gain access please send your Personal Code (Codice Persona) and the reference professor name to access-dfis@polimi.it

  4. In order to be given authorisation to access laboratory facilities after training with the person who is responsible for each lab (RADRL) on the specific risks you may encounter and you will need to fill our: request forms


For any other information visit our contacts page or the welcome of Politecnico di Milanoor contact Stefania Mosca who is in charge of welcoming new collaborators to the department.

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