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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Electro-optical sensors for Smart Grid applications [RSE]

One of the main requirements for the operation of Smart Grids  is the availability of real-time, broadly distributed information on the status of the electrical components.
For a distributed network this requires the integration of several cheap, reliable and low invasiveness sensors for monitoring the main electrical parameters of different sites.
RSE is developing an optical sensor for accurate measurement of the  Phase and Voltage signal   in  Medium Voltage electrical boards. It is based on the optimized exploitation of commercially available electro-optic crystals (generally Lithium Niobate or Lithium Tantalate crystals).
The aim of this research concerns the numerical modeling and experimental  investigation  of physical properties of the electro-optic crystals, to be exploited in smart grid applications, for an optimization of their optical response to the applied / sensed electric field.

The thesis will be developed in collaboration with RSE – Milano and will be partially carried out at  the RSE Labs.