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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Errata corrige and last minute variations


Thursday, September 12


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Missing session !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photovoltaics A                                     09:30 - 12:30 - Room L.26.16

Chairman: Giuseppe Gigli

Simona Binetti (I): State of the art and perspectives of inorganic photovoltaics
Olindo Isabella (I): Approaching 4n2 classical limit in metal-free and ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells
Alessia Le Donne: Photoluminescence study of chalcopyrite based PV absorbers
Isodiana Crupi: Plasmonic metal nanoparticles for thin film solar cells
Piotr Kowalczewski: Engineered disorder for light-trapping in thin-film solar cells
Christian Martella: Self-organised nanopatterning of thin film amorphous Silicon solar cells Featuring Broadband light trapping
Sergio Bietti: Quantum Dot Intermediate-band Solar Cell grown by Droplet Epitaxy
Piero Mazzolini: Structural, electrical and optical properties of nanostructured Ta-doped TiO2 produced by PLD


Monday September 9

Environmental physics and energy generation A

Stefania Gilardoni will replace Sandro Fuzzi in "High Resolution-Time of Flight-Aerosol Mass Spectrometer: an innovative tool to characterize fine" particulate matter"
Tuesday September 10              

Biophysics A

Monica Romanò will replace Paola Brocca in  "Potassium channel Kcv interaction with model membranes"


Roberto Raimondi retired his presentation.             

Elctrons and phonons A

Luciano Colombo and Stefano Baroni will switch the order of their presentations

Organic materials and devices B

The presentation of Fabiola Liscio "Molecular re-organization in organic field effect transistors and its effect on 2D charge transport pathways"  is cancelled

Additional talk by Oksana Koplak: "Recognizing of the antiferromagnetic islands and individual localized electrons in new (DOEO)4[HgBr4]·TCE organic semiconductors"              

Environmental physics and energy generation B

The talk of Gelsomina Pappalardo "Integrated Aerosol Observing System" will be given by Aldo Amodeo

The talk of Gianluca Pisani "Aerosol typing over Beijing using a scanning Raman Lidar with enhanced dynamics" is cancelled and becomes a poster on Monday session

Giuseppe Leto's talk will be given by Antonella Boselli "Improving the monitoring of Etna's volcanic ash plumes using a new scanning Lidar"

The poster by Chahrazed Meddah "Formation of helical structures in homopolymer chains using the multi-canonical Monte Carlo simulation" is cancelled

Environmental physics and energy generation C

The contribution by Sergio Lo Russo has benne cancelled.

Statistical phyisics B

The oral presentation of Federico Corberi has been cancelled
Wednesday September 11


The talk of Roberta Citro "Super-magnetoresistance effect in triplet spin valves" is given by Francesco Romeo

The presentation of  Roberto Raimondi "Variations on the Spin Hall effect" is cancelled

Superconductivity C  

Michail Lisitskiy'presentation "Materials and technologies of superconducting devices for quantum computation" will be probably cancelled

Cultural heritage

The oral presentation of Alessandra Bonazza has been cancelled

The presentation entitled "Crystal Luminescence and Cultural Heritage: from pottery authentication to historical buildings dating" will not be given by Anna Gueli but by Dorotea Fontana
Thursday September 12  
Silicon photonics       

Giovanni Isella will give a presentation at the end of the session

Antonella Balerna is actually an invited speaker

Plasma physics C

Additional speaker at the end of session:  Luca Volpe "Fast electron beam transport in plasmas: experimental results and simulation"

Ultrafast phenomena A

The work "Attosecond control of electron dynamics in highly-excited nitrogen molecules" will be presented by Francesca Calegari and not by Mauro Nisoli.

Microscopy A

The talk by Elvio Carlino "Sub-angstrom resolution by TEM electron diffractive imaging" is cancelled.

Friday September 13

Microscopy B

The talk by Marco Vittori Antisari "Recent developments in electron and ion microscopy"is cancelled

Theoretical Biology

The talk of Francesco Zonta "Molecular Dynamics investigation of permeation properties of gap junction channels" is cancelled

Soft matter and complexity B 

The talk by Christoph Dellago "From freezing to boilig: simulating nucleation phenomena in metastable liquids" is cancelled

Plasma physics D

Luca Volpe's talk has been moved to Thursday, Plasma physics C session

The  SILS-AIC Joint Session will start one hour earlier. The programme is unchanged

Photonic crystals

The contribution from Sara Ferretti has been cancelled