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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

A flash of light to identify tumors

Ultra-short pulses of light at the service of biology and medicine. The VIBRA project, led by Dario Polli and his team, has developed a revolutionary microscope capable of measuring the concentration of the various constituents of matter and creating detailed three-dimensional maps of cells and tissues. It’s a non-invasive investigation with great potential impact in biology and medicine, as it will allow to study the cellular mechanisms underlying various pathologies and to automatically identify tumors in biopsies, with a degree of accuracy and reproducibility better than we can do today.

"Frontier advances in scanning electron microscopy: high brilliance Gr-Ni sources and band-structure energy analyzers"

"Ultrafast emission and detection of quantum emitters"

"Non-Equilibrium Superconductivity"

Bando supporto alla ricerca

Bando supporto alla ricerca

Bando didattica integrativa di tutorato

Conferito dall'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei il premio a Matteo Lucchini.

Giulio Cerullo tra i top scientists italiani della giuria

Kick off Meeting

Selectively activated INFOrmation technology by hybrid Organic Interfaces

Conferito dall'Istituto Lombardo per i significativi risultati ottenuti nel settore della diagnostica medica.

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