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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Michele Celebrano

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Associate Professor
Campus Milano Leonardo

Responsible and Principal Investigator (PI) of:


supra Nano-Optics milano



Here below a couple of recent reviews on:

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"Lithium Niobate Meta-Optics" published in ACS Photonics

"Harmonic Generation at the Nanoscale" published by Journal of Applied Physics (cover)


Here also my recent interview on the generation of harmonics in optical nanoantennas


The research activity of sNOm Lab  focuses on the investigation and development of platforms for nonlinear optical manipulation of light on the nanoscale: the so-called Nonlinear Nanoantennas and Metasurfaces. In the following our recent studies, separeted into 2 distinct areas:





...and there is also a bit of a twist:


... and of course other less recent experiments:



Click to listen to my recent interview for Nanotechweb about future application of nonlinear plasmonic

(here the link to the special multimedia section dedicated to the Sciance Camp 2015 on Complaex Photonic)

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  • December 5th, 2014 - M. Finazzi. et al. "Universal Quasi-Static Limit for Plasmon-Enhanced Optical Chirality (link is external)" posted on arXiv:



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(you can access to the related scientific publications by clicking on the links)


Master degree in Electronic Engineering (Optoelectronics) 
 Master obtained at:


         Thesis: "Development of a near-field microscope coupled with ultrashort pulse" (Italian Language). Tutor: Prof. G. Cerullo.



Doctoral Studies in Physics
      Department of Physics (IFN)   -        Politecnico of Milan (Italy).

     Thesis title: "Near-and far-field imaging and spectroscopy of single nanoparticles" (in English Language). Coordinator: Pro  f. S. De Silvestri, Tutor: Prof. G. Cerullo.       

  The Ph.D. work was conducted in the group led by Professor Sandro De Silvestri, which focuses its research on the development of ultrashort pulse lasers and their applications. In particular, the main activity has been focused on the development of a near-field scanning microscope (SNOM) coupled with ultra-short pulses. The microscope was then used to image, with high spatial resolution, the nonlinear optical response (second harmonic) of metal nanostructures, which are generated by the strong confinements of the electromagnetic field. The geometry and material of these nanoparticles makes it ideal for collecting antennas and radiate visible light. The characterization of the complex linear optical response of these antennas has been also obtained experimentally by combining near- and far-field microscopy. As a parallel project, a confocal microscope combined with a standard Stark spectroscopy setup has been developed to optically map the electric field distributions in the active material of organic devices in operating condition. Moreover, in-depth studies on the nonlinear interaction of visible light with metal nanostructured surfaces on enlarged spatial scale have been carried out.




Research activity as an exchange student during the Ph.D.   
Physical Chemistry Laboratories at all 'ETH Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland)

March to October 2007. Supervisor: Prof. V. Sandoghdar

During the third year of the doctorate of science was carried out in Nano-Optics Group at ETH Zurich in the field of confocal microscopy applied to the spectroscopy of metal nanoparticles (nanoantennas for visible light).  



Post-Doctoral activity at the ETH  
 Physical Chemistry Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland)



July 2008-April 2011. Supervisor: Prof. V. Sandoghdar

The scientific activities as a post-doctoral researcher was conducted within the Nano-optics Group under the guidance of Prof. Vahid Sandoghdar ETH Zurich since July 2008 until March 2011. The main purpose of his research was the study of alternative methods for the detection of single emitters without invoking fluorescence emission. In particular, by using standard confocal microsopy, he acquired  images of individual nano-crystal emitters (quantum dots) relying on solely the extinction of incident light produced by the nano- object. In this way we were able to obtain information on the photophysics of these emitters until now inaccessible. A further improvement of this microscopy tool allowed to  detect the absorption signature of a single molecule at room temperature. In a parallel project, single photons emitted by a single molecule at cryogenic conditions (ultra-narrow-band) were coupled to a single dipole receiver (metal nanoparticle) with an unprecedented  efficiency of more than 50% .




Assistant Professor (Researcher) at the Politecnico of Milan 

  Laboratories of Physics at the Politecnico of Milan, Milan (Italy).



Surfaces Group Leader: Prof. Franco Ciccacci

PlaNOS Lab Supervisors: Prof. Marco Finazzi, Prof. Michele Celebrano

I am currently Associate Professor at Politecnico of Milan and supervisor of the PlaNOS lab, which is part of the Surface Physics Group at the Department of Physics of the Politecnico. More specifically, his research is focused on the linear and nonlinear properties of plasmonic nanostructures, for applications in sensing of biological species in the context of high throughput screening. Recently, he is also focusing on the optical characterization of the conformational-induced optical properties, such as the chiro-optical response, of polymers on the nano- and mesoscale, which may lead to promising applications in organic opto-electronics.

 Detailed information on scientific and educational activities and an exhaustive list of main publications can be found on my CV .