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Dipartimento di Fisica - Politecnico di Milano

Matteo Lucchini

Assistant Professor "Senior"
Campus Milano Leonardo

Born in Angera (Va), Italy, in 1984.
Bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineer in 2006, Politecnico di Milano.
Master’s degree in Physics Engineer in 2008, Politecnico di Milano.
Feb 2009: Visiting scientist by Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics Heidelberg, Germany.
Set 2009 – Oct 2009: Visiting scientist by AMOLF institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
PhD in Physics in 2012, Politecnico di Milano.
Feb 2012 - Jan 2017: Post-doc by ETH Zürich, Physics Department, Switzerland.
Feb 2016 – Mar 2016: Visiting scientist by The Tokyo University, School of Science, Chemistry department, Japan.
Mar 2017: Junior assistant professor at the Physics Department, Politecnico di Milano.
Mar 2018: winner of the National Scientific License: “Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale, Fisica Sperimentale della Materia, II fascia”.
Jun 2019: Winner of the prize "Alfredo di braccio per uno studioso in Fisica" (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei)
Jun 2019: Winner of the Fresnel prize for outstanding contributions in the field of attosecond sicence (European Physical Society, Quantum Electronics and Optics Division)
Sep 2019: ERC starting grant winner. Title: AuDACE
Dec 2019: Senior assistant professor at the Physics Department, Politecnico di Milano.
July 2021: Winner of the prize "Feltrinelli Giovani" in Physics, for his outstanding contributions to the Attosecond Science.


Research topics:
- Generation and characterization of attosecond radiation
- Pump-probe experimental techniques based on attosecond pulses to study ultrafast electron dynamics in atoms, molecules and solids.

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