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The lab is devoted to numerical investigations of electromagnetic phenomena at the micro- and nano-scale, with particular interest to light transport in photonic lattices and complex crystals, plasmonic phenomena in metal-dielectric waveguides, linear and non-linear scattering and absorption in metallic and semiconductor nanostructures.

The hardware equipment is based on three servers with dual-socket multi-core processors (Intel-Xeon Quad-core and Octa-core with 128/512 GB RAM) and a network of workstations.
The software equipment ranges from developer tools for C++ programming, to general purpose programs for scientific computation, like MATLAB and OCTAVE, as well as more specialized commercial solvers like COMSOL Multiphysics and RSOFT BeamProp, providing finite-element and finite-difference vectorial full-wave analysis of electromagnetic problems in 2D and 3D.

The lab is intended to support the theoretical studies involved in the research activity "Manipulation of classical and non-classical light in complex photonic structures and quantum-optical analogies".

It also provides design tools for the development of novel photonic devices based on optical metastructures, including plasmonic supracrystals for nanoheating and nonlinear metasurfaces for ultrafast all-optical control of light.

Nature Photonics 14, 723 (2020)

The CEMLAB is involved in the research activity of the H2020 FET Open project METAFAST (Metasurfaces for Ultrafast Light Structuring) https://www.metafast-h2020.eu