The Department of Physics was established with the aim to carry out experimental and theoretical scientific research in the field of Physics of Matter and contribute to the development of applications of this sector in Physics, Engineering and Medicine.

It's active a course of study in Engineering Physics, with the aim to train engineers to help develop the applications of modern technologies in the physical and optical field, divided into 3 levels: bachelor of science, master of science, PhD.




"Controlled THz generation by plasmonic nonlinear metasurfaces"

"All-dielectric nanophotonics with van der Waals materials"

"Ion beams: designing metasurfaces and doping nanowires"

Bando collaborazioni occasionali

Bando collaborazioni occasionali

Bando didattica integrativa di esercitazione

Orazio Svelto intervistato da Giulio Cerullo

Information processing in spin-based systems

Indagini scientifiche per la conservazione e il restauro di oggetti d’arte: i dipinti su tavola

International Day of Light! 'Lighten Up

Evento per festeggiare la Giornata Internazionale della Luce


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