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Administration Manager

Administration and Accounting Unit

It supports the Manager in planning, management control and use of the budget, manages purchasing procedures also through the electronic market. Takes care of the reimbursements, provides support to mission-related procedures. Takes care of active invoicing, collections and credit recovery. Supports the collegial bodies (Departmental Council, Giunta) and the carrying out of the Departmental elections. Supports the management of the Technical Administrative Personnel and Teaching Personnel (calls, recruitment procedures, requests for affiliation). Oversees the operational management of all types of collaboration (institutional tasks, direct assignments and renewals, external teaching, tutoring, 150 hours, internships, grants and research collaborations, etc.) from the request for activation up to the management of the payments .Supports the management of the negotiation relating to the establishment of doctoral scholarships financed by external bodies and manages the accounting related to the scholarships belonging to the Department.

Communication Office

Supports to communication and promotion activities with particular reference to the following activities: organization of events, congresses, exhibitions, seminars, preparation and editing of promotional materials, supports for orientation activities, supervision of access and hospitality, welcome office, support for research projects regarding to outreach and dissemination activities, supports the Management Manager in the administration of internal communication in the Department.

Research Support Unit

The office is involved in the management of research support services, presides over the administration and drafting of agreements and NDAs, cares for conservation and monitors the fulfilment of commitments made under the research contracts and projects. Supports participation in national, European and international research calls, supervises the drafting, managing and monitoring of project budgets, reporting and audit activities of research projects. Takes care of project management activities as coordinator of funded projects. Supports in managing relations with funding authority, Project Officers and Project Partners.

Teaching and Doctoral Supporting Unit

Secretary's office of the Engineering Physics degree and coordination of physics appeals for all engineering courses. It collaborates with the responsible for graduations in organizing, coordinating, and appointing of Bachelor's and Master's degree committees in Physical Engineering. Management of PhD Course in Physics, activation of grants, additional calls, career support for PhD students, endowment management, organization of final exams.

Electronics Lab

Support in the prototyping activities of the department, with a specific focus on the following areas: Electronic design and fabrication, embracing both analog and digital-microcontroller domains, providing qualified electronic technical support. FDM and MSLA 3D printing management, implementing the creation of custom components and detailed prototypes. Implementation of CNC milling, in the fabrication of electronic circuits and thin panels made of materials such as aluminum, plastic and vetronite. CAD drawing activities from both mechanical and electronic perspectives, contributing to the precise design and implementation of solutions.

Mechanical Workshop Leonardo

It supports activities for the department's research laboratories. Supervises the design and fabrication of mechanical parts, based on a schematic drawing or based on a brief description of use. Makes modifications, adopting alternative solutions for mechanical parts using the most suitable material. There is an MMA-MIG-TIG type welding room with fume extractor. Technicians in the machine shop support the performance of ordinary and emergency work activities (moving, repairing, assisting laboratories). It also makes mechanical components and/or modifications at the request of external agencies or other departments. Materials used for machining are: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Iron, Molybdenum, Brass, Copper, Plastic materials (pvc, plexiglass, teflon, resins, nylon), Macon (ceramic material), Wood.

Mechanical Workshop Como

Supporting research activities at the department's laboratories, procuring and maintaining goods needed for experiments and monitoring auxiliary infrastructure for research activities, such as clean rooms. Safety management, checking that laboratory safety protocols are followed, updating emergency management plans and DVRs for spaces and activities . Creating prototypes on the shop floor using traditional and CNC machines, 3D printing and TIG welding for vacuum technology.

General Services and Safety unit

Handles routine and extraordinary maintenance of the Department's premises and instrumentation through the University ticket system. It is in charge of the proper disposal of special waste and procurement of materials. Also verifies the compatibility of chemicals to be acquired, with safety standards from the facility. It manages the authorization of access and supports users in filling out their work risk card.

ICT Services

Software and Hardware Support. In detail, it deals with design to specification, purchase, software management, hardware maintenance and repair of computing devices. In the educational sphere, it supports all logistics of Teaching Laboratories. In particular, it deals with purchasing, maintenance, warehouse storage, and repair of educational kits used in the Laboratories also at the computer level. Collaborates with Teachers for the optimization of laboratory days and plans the activities of the technicians in charge of the assemblies, testing and classroom assistance of the teaching kits.