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Spin-based computing and signal processing

SpinCom2024 satellite workshop

The workshop SpinCom2024 that will take place on June 28th 2024 at Politecnico di Milano.
SpinCom2024 will be a unique opportunity to discuss the latest results in the field of computing based on spin and magnetization.

Join us as world-class experts share their insights on several topics:

• Boolean magnetic logic
• Unconventional computing with spin and orbital currents
• Neuromorphic computing based on spin systems
• Spin-wave computing and signal processing
• Quantum computing with spins

Take a look at the list of invited speakers on the official website []

Scientific committee:

Edoardo Albisetti, Riccardo Bertacco, Matteo Cantoni, Federico Maspero, Daniela Petti, Christian Rinaldi